Image and reputation are at the heart of the overall performance and new levers are emerging in a context of rising demands from stakeholders of the company.  Harris Interactive help understanding of your challenges and make sense of the multitude of data that impacts consumer sentiment.

We help companies understand corporate perception, to take advantage of opportunities, and address areas of weakness. 

Harris Interactive boasts a full-suite of solutions to meet our client’s needs, be they quantitative (online surveys, telephone surveys, face-to-face education, self-administered questionnaires …) and / or Qualitative offline and online (group meetings, focus groups, bulletin boards, participatory communities, blogs and forums …).

Further, we can work to establish benchmarks, or norms that should be reached, and help steer corporate strategy – both internally, and externally.

No matter the type of company, we can engage with your precise target audience,  and obtain feedback on a wide range of issues.
  • Public and private companies: general management, communication management, HR
    Administrations and local authorities: Branch, Directorate of External Communications and / or internal, HR.
  • Communication agencies and consulting firms.
  • Professional organizations: professional agencies, professional organizations, associations.

  • Delphine Martelli-Banegas
    Directruce Du Department Corporate
    Delphine has a dual expertise in image and reputation studies and internal studies . Based on a thorough understanding of the strategic issues of companies and institutions it supports and advises for over 15 years customers from all business sectors , in France and abroad , in thin and operational studies to help them develop plans of actions and communications tailored to their different targets , external or internal.