Whatever the brand or sector, the digital landscape has radically changed the rules of consumption, information, communication and entertainment. Brands must clearly communicate with customers across-channels and have a clear rationale for the touch-points used.

The specificity and the constant evolution of these digital technologies require uniting the expertise and methodologies with the most suitable research solutions to measure their influence on behavior, brands, products, sales.

Harris Interactive is expert at helping companies optimize digital strategies.
  • Unmatched knowledge of digital markets since 1995: hundreds of thousands of Internet users, mobile users, user quantitatively or qualitatively surveyed each year.
  • Multidisciplinary teams: qualitative expertise (psycho-sociology, semiotics, ergonomics, ethnology), quantitative (advanced analysis), technological, operational and strategic marketing.
  • Strategic thinking and a permanent watch.
  • Dedicated solutions to different digital services covering every stage of the client connection.
A full suite of services to help clients succeed.
  • Pre-tests of offers, brands, distribution channels, pricing, communication
  • Pre-testing of qualified interfaces (usability testing, eye-tracking …) or quantification (zoning optimization, assessments Beta …), expert analysis (ergonomic, semiotics)
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of digital placements
  • Performance indicators, comparative standards (via the Observer range).
  • Benchmark qualitative or quantitative users
  • Digital communication testing solutions and multi-media
  • Impact studies digital channels / cross channel
  • Social Media Monitoring, E-Reputation

  • Jean-Laurent Bouveret
    Directeur Du Department NetObserver Europe
    Digital expert and specialist in quantitative measure of UX, Jean-Laurent Bouveret is responsible for the range " Observer" , multi-client surveys of interception solutions on all digital touchpoints (websites, mobile sites and applications , social networks ... ) . He is also a guarantor of the quality of recruitment France Harris Interactive panel . Expert ecosystem of digital media and new technologies, it has initiated the launch of the first solutions for measuring effectiveness of online advertising campaigns and mobile marketing. It is particularly at the initiative of several scoping studies referent on mobile applications markets , social networks , connected objects ...


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