Our research solutions provide insight to major global automotive and tire manufacturers, component suppliers, oil companies, repair specialists, parts distributors, dealerships and more.

Having decades of experience and a global presence, Harris Interactive is considered one of the leading players in the provision of automotive research. Our approach is ever flexible, adapting to an ever-changing industry, most recently brought about by economical, environmental and legislative challenges.
As a company we believe in being ‘ahead of what’s next’ – we pride ourselves on understanding each element of the automotive industry and being able to tailor our solutions to better inform business decision-making for the future.
Our expertise spans the entire automotive sector, offering the best possible research solutions to major global automotive and tyre manufacturers, component suppliers, oil companies, repair specialists, parts distributors, dealerships and advertising agencies.

Utilising both traditional and innovative cutting edge technologies we have provided research solutions in the areas of:
  • Brand development and image positioning
  • Communications strategy and effectiveness
  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and attraction
  • Product development
  • Pricing strategies
  • Customer drivers, attitudes and usage
  • Employee studies
  • Web Evaluations


Expertise in Brand & Communications

We have deep experience with brand and communication consulting within automotive research. Together with car experts and brand experts we developed and proved solutions and approaches to understand brand health. Our techniques of brand footprints and mapping, TouchPoint modelling and consumer connection helped many of our clients truly understand their brand strategies, positioning and communications around the world.


  • Daniel Scholz
    Sector Head Business & Industrial/Automotive
    Daniel Scholz, graduate social geographer , since 2009 Head of Unit Business & Industrial / Automotive at Harris Interactive AG and can look back on a total of 18 years of professional experience at Ipsos Germany , Müller Market Insight andSynovate.
  • Thierry Backer
    Directeur Department Services, Marketing & Experience Clients
    Thierry, a specialist in quantitative studies for over 20 years, acts as an expert in the field of satisfaction (design / improvement barometric devices, advice / support able to strategy and dissemination), and issues related to Experience customer (measurement / analysis of rational and emotional components, impact of Digital on procurement processes). It has recently launched a new solution studies "key 7 Customer relationship" and regularly addresses on "Studies of Satisfaction and Loyalty". He also teaches at the CNAM on Concepts and Marketing Research and Online Studies.

Case Studies

Automotive Manufacturer: Web Evaluation

We recruited around 2,400 respondents to complete various tasks on 6 different automotive websites. The tasks set for each respondent were determined by the model and age of the vehicle they currently owned. Once the respondent had completed the set tasks and gathered the required information they were then directed back to the survey where questions were asked focusing on numerous KPI’s and to provide their impressions of the visit, the site and the brand... Read More

Nissan Cube: Web Buzz

Harris Interactive was commissioned to conduct a piece of research which involved using a Social Media Monitoring Tool to monitor mentions of Nissan Cube (and all other associated key words).Two stages of monitoring were utilised, the first ‘Pre-launch’ campaign involved searching for material which had been posted prior to the cars launch (including reviews, blog comments, videos and other posts), the second ‘Post-launch campaign’ ... Read More