Energy & Utilities

Our experience in consumer and b2b markets make us uniquely qualified to understand the market and help companies navigate new changes in legislation, consumer sentiment and more.

Harris Interactive has have been providing expertise in industry-led market research to major players in the Energy and Utilities markets for over 20 years. Our experience in consumer and b2b markets across multiple research methodologies enables us to provide insight and knowledge that guides business decisions to some of the world’s leading organisations and best known brands.

We appreciate that the insights we deliver are only as good as our understanding of our clients’ needs, so we are highly consultative in our relationships and design tailored surveys to suit individual client and market needs. Our experienced and focused team ensures that analysis is set in context and results really make a difference to our clients’ business.

The breadth and scope of our experience provides us with the ability to tailor our approaches and solutions to address diverse research and business needs and maximise the value and insight that we provide.

Examples of the types of research challenges that we undertake include:
  • Researching mass-market consumer projects as well as complex b2b audiences with small, finite populations
  • Conducting international studies with multiple stakeholders, cultural nuances and research objectives
  • Engaging with ‘hard to reach’ audiences not easily accessed via mainstream research
  • Research into ‘low engagement’ topics requiring creative approaches to recruitment and fieldwork
  • Understanding the impact of regulation and legislation on both businesses and consumers
  • Providing feedback on new product development and advising on optimum pricing points in the context of ‘real-life’ decision making
  • Segmenting markets to understand how best to target future product and service offers that maximise value for both client and consumer
  • Combining multiple methodologies across different audiences to provide consistent insight and guidance
We work closely with clients to provide an approach which best fits the objectives and provides true insight and value:
  • Single or multi-country studies
  • Qualitative or quantitative methodologies
  • Tracking or ad-hoc programmes
  • Bespoke and syndicated programmes
  • Advanced methodologies and research techniques

We pride ourselves in really getting to know a clients business to aid insight, as well as researching all the hot topics, such as the impending deregulation of the water industry.


  • We regularly work with Harris Interactive team for quantitative and qualitative studies with a dimension particularly internationale.J'apprécie the quality of the proposed methodologies. Harris challenger knows our needs and understand our business and our problems. In addition, in the implementation of the studies, the team is close, available and always force proposal

    —SALM, Florence MÉRIEULT, Strategic Marketing Department