We think about our client’s objectives and how best to obtain the feedback we need to transform insight, and help our clients stay ahead.  Our teams are skilled at extracting key insights participants.  We couple this with a vast recruitment capability.

Our qualitative researchers are global and expert at using the latest methods for qualitative research.

We have expertise in the following areas, and have a suite of services at our disposal to customize to meet our clients needs.
  • Focus groups in the dining room (motivation, creative research, projective techniques)
  • Focus chat via Internet
  • Mini-groups
  • Maxi and hyper focus groups
  • Bulletin Board (groups for several days, and asynchronously via Internet)
  • Face-to-face semi-structured or unstructured
  • Paired interviews
  • Expert Interviews
  • Test users (in test lab or at home)
  • Ethnological interviews and observations
  • Quali-quant methodologies, including communities.


  • Gábor Hahn
    Head of Qualitative Research
    Gábor Hahn has been in market research since 1998 and heads up the qualitative research at Harris Interactive Germany . As a sociologist, he has retained his enthusiasm for the analysis of structures , functions and actions in social context.
  • Jean-Faustin Betayene
    Directeur Du Department Etudes Qualitative et Expert Digital
    Jean -Faustin , qualitativiste , achieved in almost 15 years many strategic and tactical marketing study missions for organizations from different worlds: U & A studies, image studies and positioning, communication tests, services, concepts to said digital interfaces ... Beyond quali studies, Jean -Faustin is an expert on digital issues and business innovation process. In recent years, it has consistently attached to identify new resources, both in terms of tools, animation techniques, methodologies for gathering the word of the consumer.