The Internet Site in Procurement Decision Process


Harris Interactive France

Paris, 21 October 2015
At the request of Webibox, Harris Interactive conducted a survey of French in order to identify the place of the Internet in their purchase decision process.
Internet use has become more democratic and more and more French people adopt the habit of seeking information before choosing a product or service, but what specific role does the internet in purchase choice?
The French Have the “presence of mind” to learn about the Internet before making a purchase, or contact a professional? How people learn about the Internet they apprehend their research: these are they involved very early or during final arbitrations? What means do they use: they prefer brands of the sites or forums and blogs? What information do they seek mainly and have they trust the information found?
What can we learn from this survey?
Internet: an information source for French as part of their purchasing decisions. Find information on the Internet is a widespread practice today. 85% of French people say to use this tool often or from time to time to seek information before a purchase and 61% to contact a professional (quotations, inquiries, making appointments …).
An exploratory research enough information in nearly half the cases and rather to decision support for the other half of the respondents. Nearly one in two French learning about Internet mention inquire well in advance of purchase, exploratory manner (46%) when 36% said they had a clear idea of ​​their purchase and learn only just before buying and even 18% after passing in store for further information and advice.
The price the center of attention, as the specifications. Specifically, people who learn about Internet seek above all to obtain information on prices and promotional offers (88% often or occasionally), the technical characteristics of a product or service (87%) or Practical details of order as the place of purchase (85%). Over ¾ also indicate search for consumer reviews and 65% expert advice. Members of the higher classes, Parisians and people from 35-49 years old are among those who use the Internet to inquire into a buying perspective.
Research via computer on merchant sites and search engines. The French mobilizing the internet to learn primarily conduct research on computer (91% against 24% on Smartphone and 20% tablet) via merchant websites trademarks or professionals (81% often or occasionally) and portals / search engines (79%). Today, 16% turn to social networks to find information during a purchase process.
The preferred phone for making appointments but competition from the mail for a quote. To obtain an appointment with a professional or to contact to obtain information, making contact by phone is preferred by the French. However, the sending of mail is the preferred way by the French for a quote (29% at the fact of moving from a -26% Professional – or phone – 23%).
An information deemed easy to find and trust, making for a more confident decision. 94% of French learning about Internet find it easy to find the information sought through this channel. 52% also say they feel so save time. In addition, 89% say trust the information found on the internet. Learn about Internet is therefore perceived by the French as an effective way to make a better buy, more informed (93%) and finding a career that matches perfectly with their expectations (86%). The French therefore seem to have built the Internet as a tool for purchasing more informed decision-making, particularly on the financial side. People who use the Internet more and buy the most products online are the people who have the most confidence in the information and found that most believe that the information is easy.